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The Beefy Miracle Officially Served

The Fedora Project officially served up their “Beefy Miracle” today. The announcement, chock full of hot dog references, introduced the new release, “At the heat of a thousand hot dog cookers, the seventeenth release of Fedora shall be forged by contributors the world over, and it will be known as: Beefy Miracle. The mustard shall indicate progress.”

The list of new features is extensive, or “the beefiest… ever” as it includes “both over- and under-the-bun improvements that show off the power and flexibility of the advancing state of free (range) software.” The 60+ new features include GNOME 3.4 with “improved themes, and enhancements to applications.” GNOME 3.4 should function without 3D drivers as well this release. GIMP has been updated to the latest, 2.8, which features single-window mode. GCC 4.7 is now the default compiler, KDE and Qt have been updated to 4.8, and the F17 kernel is based on Linux 3.3.4. A new tool has been added to help users configure and tweak their fonts. Btrfs has been removed from the installer. And many files were relocated to /usr.

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