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Guide of Guides: The Best of OStatic’s Resource Collections

Regularly, we at OStatic round up our own collections of open source resources, tutorials, free open source books, reviews, product comparisons and project tours. These educational toolkits are an essential part of the learning mission we try to preserve at the site. Whether you’re looking for resources for working with and enjoying online video and audio, Linux tutorials, offbeat open source applications, or other items of interest, we have quite a few interesting collections on this site.

Outside of OStatic, there are also many useful resource collections. In this post, you’ll find an uber-collection of our best resource guides, and some great ones from other open source-focused sites. Hopefully, you’ll find something to learn from here, and the good news is that everything found in this post is free.

Here are many of our most popular resource collections, all of them chock full of free, useful tools and educational resources:

 10 Open Source Ways to Improve Your Online Video Mojo

New Wave Media Online 2012-05-16 12-36-57 puran-2011-08-01-16-05-56 Your Soapbox Free Online Radio Station
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